Song "Far Away" by Nickelback

I was surprised to hear how many of you had not heard this song, the one we put to Tim and Amanda’s Wedding Video a few posts ago.  You are right, it is a beautiful song.  It’s about a firefighter whose wife is worried sick while he battles a raging forest fire, but it makes the homecoming all the sweeter when he returns from ‘Far Away.’  Here is the video of Nickelback performing the whole song in their video.

Enjoy! (Leave a comment if you like the song)



5 thoughts on “Song "Far Away" by Nickelback

  1. I love that song, and the video always makes me cry. It’s funny that I hadn’t seen the video recently, and right now I’m reading a book called One Foot in the Black about wildland firefighters, and just listening to this and watching the video again really brings the book to life even more. Thanks for posting it.

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