Christian the Lion

Ok, ok, you know us by now and know that we love cats.  Well, this morning, Tuesday, July 22, 2008, on The Today Show, Meredith and David showed the well viewed video Christian the Lion (which most of us have seen multiple times), but it was so nice to see again.  I thought you might enjoy watching it again and it bring a little joy to your day today…

It’s ok to cry, no one’s looking.:-)

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8 thoughts on “Christian the Lion

  1. I did cry since I’d never seen this Video. Thank you for sharing such a ‘touching’ reunion of man and beast?
    This video validates the precious relationship between humans and animals, especially if the world was a kinder place……. I loved this.

  2. Good point, we agree wholeheartedly. That emotional loyalty between a “pet” and an owner is special. Why can’t we as humans master that? Life would be so much more enjoyable, wouldn’t it?:-)

    Thanks so much for your beautiful comment.

  3. I bawled like a baby, but then again I cried when they finally freed Willie.:-) Maybe someday soon we all can enjoy that kind of bond with God’s creatures.

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